Langa and Alta Langa: yin and yang of a land.

6 days/5 nights

Starting from € 1.705,00 per person. Min. 8 pax.



The well-known Langa, the land of wines and castles, and its hidden twin: the Alta Langa, with its hazelnuts, grazing lands quality cheeses. Not falling in love with both of them will be impossible!

Every earth has its “double” and every moon has its “hidden face”. Same story for the Langa with Alta Langa!

What we all know and enjoy is the Langa of wines, truffles, Alba and the castles, Michelin starred restaurants and charming residences. A fascinating region maintained like a neat and clean garden, modern and vibrant, looking ahead.

Then, there is another Langa, called “Upper Alta”, located near the border with Liguria Region. The hills are too high to permit the presence of vineyards but now approximately 650.000 bottles are produced from Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes, following the “Project Alta Langa Traditional Method”, giving rise to the Alta Langa DOCG (white or rosé), a highly prestigious artisan wine, a dry, vintage spumante.

The landscape is dominated by wood, with the cultivation of the hazelnut “Tonda Gentile di Langa” and good pastures animals and the consequent cheese production. This is a wild and ancient land, sometimes dry and hard, still authentic because it is intact. It’s a kind of “frontier”, a physical border and a mental one, so in the past this was a zone of smuggling, hiding places and mysteries. It was defined as “the countries without history”, relive today thanks to the will of the inhabitants to open their mind to tourism and to the world, preserving however the archaic and sincere character of all time.

So, our journey will discover the two souls of the Langa. It will start from the World Heritage sites – Barolo, Monforte, Barbaresco, Neive – and then go up to the tiny villages of the Alta Langa, also heritage of a proud and volitive humanity: here are Bergolo, the smallest village of Italy, entirely built in stone, Murazzano, country of sheep’s cheese, Cortemilia, capital of the hazelnut and Mombarcaro, the “peak of the Langhe”, the highest point of southern Piedmont from which, in clear days, you can see the Ligurian sea.

Also the culinary offer follows this historical and territorial demarcation. If the Langa del Barolo revisits in a modern way the traditional dishes, mostly based on meat and animal fats, Alta Langa has a strong presence of fish, oils and vegetable fats, due to its proximity to Liguria, still connected to Piedmont by the famous “Via del Sale”, once used by the “caravans” who brought food supplies to the north.

It will be a memorable journey in the two souls of one land!

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