Barolo Grand Cru: from terroir to wine

5 days/4 nights


What is Barolo?

Where does Barolo wine come from, what land produces it, and where is it going? For a great wine, these are the same important questions that accompany the history of humanity. On this tour, unique in Italy, we will try to answer these questions!

A journey through the time, a true “return to the future” of Langa, with Tiziano Gaia, a journalist for Slow Food publications, also the writer and author of the documentary “Barolo Boys: History of a Revolution.” We will walk the soil, we will scavenge, we will compare. And, with some famous Barolo producers, we will visit the three areas where the Langa del Barolo is divided:

  • La Morra and Barolo, where the vineyards stand on the “Marne di Sant’Agata,” a mix of sand, clay and limestone which give elegant and fragrant wines;
  • Castiglione Falletto and Monforte d’Alba, where the vines grow in the “Arenarie di Diano,” a type of basic soil that gives rising more alcoholic and powerful wines;
  • Serralunga, where the “Formazione di Lequio,” mix of sandstone and gray marl, creates wines of extraordinary longevity and personality.

This tour, designed for passionate and curious wine lovers, will offer a mix of interesting technical knowledge, presented with simplicity of language, lightness and fun. The highlight will be the visits to the producers, with their stories and wine tastings, comparing areas and vineyards, trying to find the main features that make the wines great. We’ll also try to understand what the future of this area may be, due to climate change that is already forcing wineries to re-think their vineyard management and production methods.

You will be accompanied on this unforgettable excursion by one of the producers of the film, Tiziano
Gaia, an editor of Slow Food Publications who is also a writer with deep knowledge of the history of Piedmontese and Italian wine.

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